Discover Herdade da Aroeira - A Paradise Near Lisbon

Discover Herdade da Aroeira - A Paradise Near Lisbon

Discover Herdade da Aroeira - A Paradise Near Lisbon

Herdade da Aroeira is a true paradise located south of Lisbon, known for its renowned golf courses and surrounding natural beauty.

  • Stunning Beaches: Located just minutes from the beaches of Fonte da Telha and Costa da Caparica, Herdade da Aroeira offers convenient access to golden sands and crystal-clear waters, ideal for relaxing and enjoying the sun.

  • Quality Education: For families who value quality education, the area offers a variety of respected private schools and colleges. Saint-Peters College in Palmela (10 km away), Imaginary School Garden (3 km away), Vale College (8 km) and Campo de Flores College (6 km away) are all within walking distance.

  • Trade and Services: Residents enjoy a variety of shopping options and services nearby, including the Almada Forum (25 km away), a landmark shopping centre with shops, restaurants and entertainment.

  • Excellent Health: Access to high-quality medical care is guaranteed with renowned private hospitals and clinics, such as Clínica CUF Almada (20 km away) and Hospital da Luz Almada (22 km away).

  • International Airport: Lisbon Francisco de Sá Carneiro International Airport is just a 30-minute drive away, making international travel convenient.

  • Restaurants of Excellence: Herdade da Aroeira offers a selection of high-quality restaurants, with ratings over 4.5 on TripAdvisor and an average price of over €25 per person. Try Aroeira Restaurant, Retiro do Infante Restaurant, 58 Restaurant, Manjar do Marquês Restaurant, and Choco Museum Restaurant, where you can enjoy fine dining.

  • Sports and Leisure: Herdade da Aroeira is home to two renowned 18-hole golf courses, making it a golfer's paradise. In addition, there are quality equestrian centres, such as Quinta da Folha in Sobreda da Caparica (6 km away) and the Sociedade Hípica de Lisboa in Lisbon (20 km away), for those who enjoy equestrian activities. You can also explore the Nautical School of Almada (10 km away) to learn or improve nautical skills.

Herdade da Aroeira offers quality living, with easy access to a wide range of local facilities and services, making it an ideal destination for those looking for the perfect balance between luxury and tranquility near Lisbon. Explore this gem and discover your ideal getaway.

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